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Helix Micro-Rebar 5-25 is the only discontinuous concrete reinforcement product in the world that has an ISO certified design manual that can be followed to design vertical applications (such as walls) using it as the primary concrete reinforcement. The details of the accreditation, design instructions and examples are published Uniform Evaluation Service (UES) Evaluation Report ER-0279 under Evaluation Criteria 015 (also available at And, Helix designs that follow ER-0279 are backed by our warranty.
UES staff thoroughly examined Helix 5-25 Micro-Rebar product information, test reports, calculations, quality control methods and other factors to ensure the product was code compliant. Designing with, specifying or requesting a change to use Helix Steel Reinforcement is simple. In fact, you can be designing with Helix in 45 minutes or less.
Designing With Helix
To begin designing with Helix, first watch our short introductory video. This will walk you through the design method and review a design example.

The next step is to download the Uniform ES Evaluation Report and spend 20 minutes working through examples. At this point you can design with Helix! A simplified guide for slabs, walls and footings is also available making design a snap. For more in depth training, please utilize our online courses (metric or imperial). And for a more complete understanding of how the design method was developed, please read a recent article published in Concrete International.

Don’t hesitate to ask our engineering team for help. They will respond to any question or request for design assistance within 24 hours. They will send you a detailed calculation package at no charge or obligation to you.

Submit your design to Helix for review to register the warranty. The warranty covers you against any issue arising from the substitution or specification of Helix per ER-0279.

Our Helix Dosage Calculator can provide an estimated dosage compared to basic rebar or mesh designs. If you are interested in a free ER-0279 compliant design program for your firm contact us.

Specifying Helix

Specifying Helix as an alternative allows your client the option to save time while offering improved performance. There is no charge for design assistance, no risk to you when you specify in accordance with the Evaluation Report (see warranty) and no obligation. For more about the benefits of designing with Helix see, Top 10 Reasons to Design with Helix.

If required, use the simple one page propriety or non-proprietary CSI formatted specification templates to update the contract documents with the alternative.

Review the Helix Recommended Mix Design prior to specifying the concrete. No changes are recommended for most applications.
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